For an optimal use of the platform, some basic configurations are required. These can be validated in one click with the Nexam Validation tool. 

  • Operating system
  • Resolution
  • CPU
  • Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • Chrome version
  • Internet connexion
  • GPU
  • Storage type

  • Number of connected screens

Validate your configuration step-by-step: 

  1. Download the application by clicking the Télécharger button from the Dashboard banner or download from the following links: Windows or MAC.
  2. Accept the download. For further assistance with this step, see:
  3. Click on Start validation

In a few seconds, the tool lets you know if the device configurations meet the requirements. For the requirements that are not met, the user can click on the red arrow to be redirected to the relevant article.

Once the device is validated, the user is ready to start his exam on the day and time of their convocation.